Friday, December 14, 2018

Aircraft walkaround vol.100: Dassault Mirage 2000 01

Subject: Dassault Mirage 2000 01
Location:Musée d'lair et de l'espace, Le Bourget, Paris 2015
Comments: The Dassault Mirage 2000 is a French multirole, single-engine fourth-generation jet fighter manufactured by Dassault Aviation. It was designed in the late 1970s as a lightweight fighter to replace the Mirage III for the French Air Force (Armée de l'Air). The Mirage 2000 evolved into a multirole aircraft with several variants developed, with sales to a number of nations. It was later developed into the Mirage 2000N and 2000D strike variants, the improved Mirage 2000-5 and several export variants. Over 600 aircraft were built and it has been in service with nine nations.The production of the Mirage 2000 involves three construction sites, all located in Bordeaux, that specialise in different components. The wings are built at Martignas, and the fuselages are fabricated at Argenteuil, with final assembly taking place at Bordeaux-Merignac. However, the first prototype, Mirage 2000 No. 01, was hand built at St Cloud, before being moved to Dassault's Istres facility for assembly. At the hands of Jean Coureau, No. 01 made its first flight on 10 March 1978, a mere 27 months after the programme go-ahead. During the 65-minute flight, Coureau took the aircraft to Mach 1.02 without afterburner, before climbing to more than 12,000 m and accelerating the aircraft to Mach 1.3. By the end of May, the aircraft had surpassed Mach 2 and an indicated airspeed of 650 knots. On the other end of the speed spectrum, the Mirage 2000 proved to be a capable low-speed aircraft, as demonstrated at the Farnborough Air Show in September 1978, during which Dassault pilot Guy Mitaux-Maurourd raised the aircraft's nose to 25° angle of attack as the aircraft slowed to 100 knots. Later tests showed that the aircraft could attain 30° AoA while carrying fuel tanks and weapons.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Work in progress vol. 27: Ferrari F1 89 early version

Ferrari F1 89 early version
US$ 50,00 plus shipping
Injected plastic model with waterslide decals and ruber tires
This is Tamiya's 1/20 scale Ferrari F1 89 early version. What a great kit! Detail is fantastic and fit is above standard. With these pictures you will see some captions describing details of the construction.I got bitten by the racing cars and motorcycles bug! Last November i was in São Paulo for the Brazilian GP of Formula 1 for the first time. It is awesome! Then i decided to build some of my F1 cars that have been stored for a long time in my stash. As i didn't have any references on the F1 89, i went to the web to find some nice pictures. What a surprise when i found not only the pictures, but also a Ferrari F1 89 for sale! It is one of the cars driven by Gerhard Berger and the salesman provided several pictures of the car and some nice details of the chassis, engine and cockpit. If you are interested in buying a Ferrari, you can visit the website from where i took the pictures (credits to Art & Revs from Luxemburg).  

The construction:

Here is the upper body cover for the Ferrari. I intend to display the interior of the car, including, engine, radiators and rear suspension with the gearbox.

To do that, i decided to remove the front part of the body frame along a line the actually is present on the real car.

I cut it cllean an preserved both parts, as the front one holds the front wing in place.

Tamiya's red plastic is translucent, as usually are these colored plastic parts. 

I painted the underside of the body frame in matt black. You see how dark it gets compared to the unpainted part.