Thursday, January 9, 2020

Military vehicles vol.23: KV2

US$20,00 plus shipping
Out-of-the box construction
This is the KV2 Heavy Russian tank by Hobbyboss. Overall a really  nice kit, with good detail and some photo etched parts to increase the value of the model. Fit is ok, but some difficulties were found around the hoof top and the front part of the main body. Also, there were some mistakes on the instruction and in the provision of parts. The hoof top has two large hatches the can be seen on the pictures bellow. However, the front hole doesn't have a hatch neither a suitable part to close it. I used plastic sheet to cover the mistake, something that some beginners may found not easy to do. Painting was done with Tamiya acrylics and most weathering was accomplished with AK washes. Decals were nice as usual from Hobbyboss. I hope you like it. This is may first 1/48 scale military vehicle and i found the size very interesting.   

1) The sprues:

2)The finished kit:


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