Thursday, August 15, 2013

Military Aircraft vol.59: Eurofighter EF2000 Typhoon (UPDATE 2)

Eurofighter in primer colors 

Eurofighter EF2000 Typhoon
Price (June 2013):
Out-of-the box, enhanced with resin details. Painted as RAF Typhoon in primer colors.
Aires late exhausts nozzles; Two Mikes resin intake covers
1) Engine:
2) Cockpit: Overall internal color XF53 neutral grey, highlighted with intermediate blue from Vallejo acrylics. Control panel painted flat Black XF-1 and drybrushed with modelmaster metalyzer steel. Details painted with various colors from Vallejo acrylics. Seat painted with Tamiya XF-1 flat black highlighted with modelmaster aluminium metalizer.
3) Fuselage painted with primer color XF-59 desert yellow, with some areas in XF-4 yellow green and XF-19Sky grey.

1)The sprues:

2) Extras:
2.1) Aires exhaust nozzles:

2.2) Two Mikes resin intake covers:

3) Construction:

Update 1:
a) Fantastic details on the Aires engine exhaust resin set:

b) Control surfaces painted in primer colors and panel lines highlighted:

c) Wings stations also painted in primer colors and panel lines highlighted:

d) Now the long work of painting and masking the fuselage:

Update 2: The fuselage is now painted in primer colors and most parts are ready to install.

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