Saturday, February 7, 2015

Spacecraft vol.5: Little Joe I Mercury program LES test vehicle

Little Joe I - Mercury Program LES Test Launch Vehicle
New Ware models
US$ 24,00 + shiping
Resin casting with photo-etched metal parts and decals
This is another great kit from New Ware models. The Litlle Joe I was a solid fuel rocket design used to test the escape system for the Mercury spacecraft. New Ware´s kit is nicely produced with yellow resin for all the major parts, with photo-etched metal parts for some airframe details and the escape tower. Fit is very nice and construction is simple. There is a fantastic decal sheet the performs beautifully over the recessed details of the model . The base was scratch built.

1) Instructions and model parts:

2) Construction:

Note the fantastic surface detail on the spacecraft. Remember this is 1/144 scale!

3) The finished model:

Both Little Joe rockets with Mercury and Apollo capsules for test

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