Saturday, August 13, 2016

Spacecraft vol.7: IRBM PGM-17 Thor

IRBM Thor Missile in White Sands
Glencoe models
US$24,00 plus shipping
Injected plastic model with  waterslide decals.
This is a new release from Glencoe models that did not receive much attention from the modelling community. It is the Thor missile with a launch pad. The original molds are from Adams Models and were released in 1958. Considering the age, they look nice inside the box. The scale is 1/87 (HO scale for the train modelers) witch is probably why most people did not get interested in the kit. A launch pad is provided and it is basically the same you will see on the Vanguard kit. The box art is the same as the Adams original release. New decals were added with more detail then modelers got in 1958.
My sample came with injection problems on the fins and on one side of the fuselage (pictures). These problems were not too hard to solve and i will give a go to this one very soon.
The missile is very easy to assemble. With less then 10 parts, the major problem was the small fault on the injection process. The base is more complex but fit is very good considering the fact that the molds are now almost sixty years old. Everything was painted with tamiya acrylics. The decals were wel printed but did not perform very well, I used future floor polisher to get them to stick to the model. Overall, this is a nice kit with impressive size and good detail. 

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