Sunday, January 8, 2017

Military aircraft vol.84: Curtiss P40N

Curtiss P40N
US$15,00 plus shipping
Injected plastic model with  waterslide decals and photo etched parts.
The Curtiss P40 was introduced into military service in the Brazilian Air Force in 1942, under the Lend-lease agreement to supply allied countries with equipment to fight the axis all over the world. Brazil received more then 80 P40s of 4 different variants: 6 P40E, 31 P40K, 9 P40M and 41 P40N. Several aircraft were used in the northeast part of the country, fighting the menace of the U-boots in the Atlantic. A few were used in the south side of Brazil, based in Canoas Air Force Base. My P40N represents one of this aircraft, still carrying the olive drab over neutral grey american camouflage. Markings were provided by FCM decals, set 72-23. Artwork on this set is very good, and the decals were printed by Microscale with high quality. Now i have two versions of the P40 in Brazil: the first, P40E, and the last, P40N. The P40s were replaced by the Gloster Meteor F8 in 1955 after a long and useful service live with the Brazilian Air Force.

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