Sunday, November 25, 2018

Work in progress vol.26: Honda RC211V 2006

Honda RC211V 2006
US$ 25,00 plus shipping
Injected plastic model with waterslide decals, ruber tires and some other details
This is Tamiya's 1/12 scale Honda RC211V model 2006. What a great kit! Detail is fantastic and fit is above standard. With these pictures you will see some captions describing details of the construction. I hope you will enjoy it!

The engine fully assembled. It is a kit by itself!

I used several different shades of metallic colors. The base is Tamiya flat aluminium. I added black for darker shades and red+yellow for the golden tone. Details were hand painted with Vallejo acrylics. 

The main aluminium body of the bike with the engine in place.

The engine is firmly placed in it's position with tiny bolts.

Some details were hidden by the frame, but the hole structure looks really nice.

The rear suspension added to the body frame.

The rear bumper can be seen with the metal coil in place.

The front wheel with the brake disks. Very nice details here! 

The body frame and rear suspension with the rear wheel in place.

Same part of the construction seen from the opposite side.

The front suspension almost ready. Look at the brake detail!

Dry fitting of the main components! 

The fuel tank and the engine exhaust in place.

The bike is rady. Most of the parts missing are from the aerodynamic frame.

Radiator and water pump blocked even more the view of the engine, but there are still a lot of details to be seen!

The bike stands firmly over the rear support. It is a nice way to work with the kit and avoid damage by placing it on it's side.

Several small parts of vinyl tube were used for the brake lines.

The exhaust was painted with Alclad II jet exhaust to increase the number of metallic shades.

Upper view of the kit showing fuel tank details.

Here are some  body cover parts already painted and finished in high gloss texture for the decals

The side panels also painted and waiting for the decals.

The decals are in perfect register. However they are poorly trimmed for the body frame. Lots of setting solution were needed to get a smooth finish. Not a bigt problem but this made the project unfit for the beginner.

The fuel tank in place with the decals. Good fit made possible to get the decals in place before gluing the tank to the bike.

I decided to leave the side panels and the bottom cover out of the finished bike to show all the details. 

Casey Stoner racing colors are fantastic and give a nice touch to the finished kit!

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