Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Boats Vol.4: CVN-73 USS George Washington

Subject: CVN-73 George Washington U.S. Navy Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier
Scale: 1/500
Manufacturer: Trumpeter
Construction: Out-of-the-box project. Railings by Dr. Design Photo Etched parts. Painted with tamiya acrilics. Markings with numerals from various sources.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Military aircraft vol.28

Subject: SEPECAT Jaguar T2
Scale: 1/72
Manufacturer: Italeri
Construction: Out-of-the-box, painted with tamiya acrilics, markings from the kit´s decals.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Engine walkaround vol.1: Daimler-Benz DB610

Subject: Daimler-Benz DB610
Description: Double engine (two DB605), 2X12 pistons, water cooled.
Power: 2950 hp
Weight: 1350 Kg
Cubic capacity: 71,4L
Aircraft: He177

Models on video vol.6

Subject: Lavochkin La-7

Military aircraft vol.27

Subject: Lavochkin La-7
Scale: 1/72
Manufacturer: Hobby Boss
Construction: Out of the box, painted with Tamiya acrilics, decorated with the markings of  Ivan Nikolaevich Kozhedub, Deputy C.O. of the176.Gv.IAP, 302 IAD, in Germany, spring of 1945.