Thursday, December 24, 2015

Military Aircraft vol.75 : McDonnell-Douglas A4-B Skyhawk

McDonnell-Douglas A4-B Skyhawk
Out-of-the box construction.
Remove Before flight tags by Eduard
This is the new Skyhawk by Airfix. The kit is fantastic, with great fit and detail. I build it out of the box. Painting was done with Tamiya acrylics. Decals are from Airfix and work greatly and react really nice with any setting solution. To add interest, i used a old Verlinden navy tractor and created a small sectiin of na airfield. I scratch build some F.O.D. panels for the intake and added some remove before flight tags for the landing gerar, guns and refuelling probe. I added a ladder to complete the airfield scene.
I photographed this plane in New York last year and published a walkaround. You can look at the pictures following the link below:

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Aircraft walkaround vol. 57: Sikorsky SH-60B Seahawk

Subject: Sikorsky SH-60B Seahawk
Location:Pacific Aviation Museum, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 2011
Comments: The U.S. Navy uses the H-60 airframe under the model designations SH-60BSH-60FHH-60HMH-60R, and MH-60S. Able to deploy aboard any air-capable frigatedestroyercruiserfast combat support ship,amphibious assault ship, or aircraft carrier, the Seahawk can handle anti-submarine warfare (ASW), anti-surface warfare (ASUW), naval special warfare (NSW) insertion, search and rescue (SAR), combat search and rescue (CSAR), vertical replenishment (VERTREP), and medical evacuation (MEDEVAC).The SH-60B maintained 83% commonality with the UH-60A. The main changes were corrosion protection, more powerful T700 engines, single-stage oleo main landing gear, removal of the left side door, adding two weapon pylons, and shifting the tail landing gear 13 feet (3.96 m) forward to reduce the footprint for shipboard landing. Other changes included larger fuel cells, an electric blade folding system, folding horizontal stabilators for storage, and adding a 25-tube pneumatic sonobuoy launcher on left side. An emergency flotation system was originally installed in the stub wing fairings of the main landing gear; however, it was found to be impractical and possibly impede emergency egress, and thus was subsequently removed. Five YSH-60B Seahawk LAMPS III prototypes were ordered. The first YSH-60B flight occurred on 12 December 1979. The first production SH-60B made its first flight on 11 February 1983. The SH-60B entered operational service in 1984 with first operational deployment in 1985. The SH-60B is deployed primarily aboard frigatesdestroyers, and cruisers. The primary missions of the SH-60B are surface warfare and anti-submarine warfare. It carries a complex system of sensors including a towedMagnetic Anomaly Detector (MAD) and air-launched sonobuoys. Other sensors include the APS-124 search radar, ALQ-142 ESM system and optional nose-mounted forward looking infrared (FLIR) turret. Munitions carried include the Mk 46Mk 50, or Mk 54 torpedoAGM-114 Hellfire missile, and a single cabin-door-mounted M60D/M240 7.62 mm (0.30 in) machine gun or GAU-16 .50 in (12.7 mm) machine gun. (Source: Wikipedia)

Monday, December 14, 2015

Classic kits vol.3: Chance Vought Regulus II

Subject: Chance Vought Regulus II
Scale: 1/68
Description: 1958 injection molded kit in two color plastic,with waterslide decals.
Price: US$150,00 in good conditions
Comments: This is another 'S' kit issued in 1958. The kit was sold as H1815 on the old Revell numerical system. It was injected in a glossy dark blue plastic. Panel lines were raised, as the location for the markings on the fuselage. The odd scale is typical from the box scale period, but the subject is nice,with a unusual white under Navy blue color  scheme.There was a rebox by Revell in 1983, but the box art was changed for a picture of the assembled model. I don't know of any other release of this rather rare model.