Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cockpit walkaround vol.2: McDonnell Douglas FGR2 Phantom II

Subject: McDonnell Douglas FGR2 Phantom II (cockpit)
Location: RAF Museum Hendon, London, UK, 2013
Comments: This is a series of pictures of both front and rear cockpits of a FGR2 Phantom in exhibition at the Royal Air Force museum in Hendon, near London. The aircraft on display is a FGR2 serial number XV424, one of the 118 Phantoms of this model bought by UK, initially operated in ground attack and reconnaissance roles, and by the and of the 1970´s as a fighter interceptor.

1) Rear cockpit:
1.a) Left side console

1.b) Ejection seat.

1.c) Instrument panel.

2) Pilot cockpit:
2.a) Instrument panel:

2..b) Left side console

2.c) Right side console.

2.d) Ejection seat:

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