Saturday, November 24, 2012

Military aircraft vol.48

Subject: Supermarine Spitfire FR MK14e
Scale: 1/48
Manufacturer: Academy
Comments: Injection molded, constuction out of the box. Decals of very poor quality, showing lots of silvering, were replaced by some spare ones of my colection. Other than that, the kit has great fit and detail.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Walkaround vol.10: Dodge 3/4ton trucks (WC56 and WC54)

Subject: Dodge 3/4ton trucks (WC56 and WC54)
Location: WC56: South Military Command Museum, Porto Alegre/Brazil; WC54:  Pacific Aviation Museum, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, USA.

WC56: Similar to WC57, without winch on the front.

WC54 Ambulance

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Military vehicles vol.14

Subject: MD-3 U.S.Navy tractor.
Scale: 1/48
Manufacturer: Skunkmodels
Comments: Injection molded; Out of the box construction, painted with Tamiya acrilics, decorated with the kit´s decals.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Military Aircraft vol.47

Subject: De Havilland Vampire FB9, Iraq, 1955
Scale: 1/48
Manufacturer: Hobbycraft Canada
Construction: Out-of-the-box, painted with Tamiya acrilics, decals from the kit and spare box.
     Hobbycraft´s Vampire is an old kit from this canadian manufacturer. I got mine during the mid 90´s and stored it since now when i decided to start a small colection of early jet figthers. The overall rating of this kit on the web is poor. Some say it does not like a Vampire. I must say that, for such an old mold, this is a nice kit, with good fit. Detail is poor on the inside, but the recessed panel lines make it an ideal quick project. Decals were really bad, with no response to microscale softening solutions. I "glued" them with future. There are no stencils, so i took some from my spare box just to make the finished model more realistic. Just now i learned that Trumpeter will release a vampire kit in 1/48 scale. Well, my vampire is done!