Saturday, June 25, 2011

Books review vol.1: Brazilian Expediotionary Force in World War II

Subject: Brazilian Expediotionary Force in World War II
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
Price: R$41,00 (US$25.50)
Sumary: 48 pages, 8 in color, black and white photos, text in english
Comments: Just got this book at Cultura Book Shop in Brazil. It´s a very interesting publication by osprey, telling the story of the only south american country to fight in World War II. There is a description of the military organization of the brazilian army during World War II and the campaigns that these forces participated. Also you will find detailed description of the equipment, uniforms and insignias used by the brazilian soldiers during the conflict. For me, this will be very welcome as there is enought information to build at least one military figure representing these soldiers.
Veredict: Recommended

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