Thursday, November 17, 2011

Helicopters vol.4: CH47D Chinook cockpit and crew

Subject: CH47D Chinook cockpit and crew
Scale: 1/35
Manufacturer: Trumpeter
Painting: Tamiya acrilics and Vallejo

Comments: When i first saw this  kit i thought it would make a nice vignette. What a better scene for a pilot then inside a cockpit? I started by building the cockpit out of the box, just adding the seat belts from a photo-etched set made by a local manufacturer called DR design. However, when i started the figures i got very disapointed by the out-of-scale moulding of the pilots. At the and, i just built one of the three figures inside the box, a cabin commander holding a gun. Now i have the cockpit just as a small vignette with no figures. Perhaps i would build the CH47 and use this cockpit instead of building another one.
Here are some photos of the construction:
Lots of ejector pin marks at the major parts
Everything treated with putty and plasticard

The instrument panel with some detail painted with vallejo acrilics

The cockpit floor painted with dark grey and dry-brushed with testors metalizer steel

Some small details...

...carefully painted and placed in their position.

The vignette almost done.

The cockpit on a display base: The vignette is done! Now, the figures...
I built the left one to place it with the cockpit as a combat set.
But, as you can see, the figure is out-of -scale. I decided not to build the pilots because it looked as a lost cause.

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