Friday, March 23, 2012

Boats Vol.5: U-Boot Typ XXIII

Subject: U-Boot TypXXIII
Scale: 1/144
Manufacturer: Trumpeter
Comments: Injection molded, 34 pieces, no decals, options to build three different boats.
         This is a high quality kit from trumpeter, way better then the ICM kit. It has recessed panel lines and very nice overall detail. Fit is very good, with no filler used during the construction. I built it out of the box, except for the railings, wich were from DR Design, a set made for model trains that i cut to the scale. Painting was done with Tamiya acrilics (XF53 for the underwater hull, XF19 for the upper works, XF69 for the waterline). Weathering was done with XF2 added to the base color at the center of the panels, and XF1 added to the base colors at the panel lines. Also, i used 0,3mm graphite to highlight the panel lines. A coat of future was then used to protect the paint, and a matt finish was added with Humbroll matt cote.

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