Saturday, May 19, 2012

Military vehicles vol.13

Subject: MGM-5 Corporal Missile
Manufacturer: Revell
Comments: Injection molded, vinil tires, 60 parts.
This is the old corporal missile from revell. The molds were from 1958, but still in good shape. Inside the box you get the missile, that stands almost 35cm tall, the launching station, a smal radar set and three figures in action. The level of detail is very good and fit is above average if you remenber that this molds are 54 years old! The completed missile on the launching pad is 38,2cm tall and is an impressive kit.

I could not resist building the radar set that comes with the kit. I know it looks like a toy, but how fun would it be if you were a kid in the late 1950´s a you had your own missile, launcher, soldiers and military equipment? I added a photo-etched radar and a grile to the side of the radar to simulate a ventilation opening to the eletronics. Some decals from my spare box completed the kit!

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