Monday, January 27, 2014

Work in progress vol.9: Fieseler Fi103 - The V1 mania! READY!

Fieseler Fi103 (V1, Re3 and Re4)
Bronco Models
US$65,00 for all three models
Out-of-the box construction.
Seat belts harness made from etched parts.
Tamiya acrylics for most of the paint work. Small details painted with Vallejo Acrylics

The sprues:
1) V1

2) Re4

3) Re3

1.1) Comments: The models came in a sturdy box. The sprues showed no flash. Details are quite nice with recessed panel lines and nice cockpit with photo-etched seat belts. The V1 showed some strange pin locations, with a reinforced plastic bar that made the fit of the parts worst. The Re3 and Re4 showed more conventional pin locations that made construction easier. The pictures show these details:

The V1:

The Re3 and 4

2) Cockpit construction:

Re3 rear cockpit:

 Re3 front cockpít:

Re4 cockpit:

3) The finished airframes:


Re3 airframe:

Re4 airframe:

4) Painting guides:
These are the painting schemes i chose for the kits:

1) V1

2) Re3

3) Re4

5) The first trolley ready:
5.1) The sprues (same for all kits)

5.2) The finished trolley:

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