Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kit review vol.10: Bell X1

Bell X1
US$ 35,00
Injection molded in grey plastic.All panel lines are raised. Cockpit detail is nice and comes with a seated figure of Chuck Jaeger. Decals are for early and late painting schemes of the X1.
It is nice to have this one back in production. It is a good kit, with fair detail overall. The cockpit is well done, specially the control stick. You get also a basic XLR11 rocket engine, but there are no way to show it in place at the aircraft. You will have to remember that this plane was very clean outside, so there are not too many details around the airframe. Decals for the october 1947 supersonic  flight are available, but also the late markings used on the airplane with details in white. Also you get markings for an all white scheme for the second X1. My sample is already at the workbench and soon will be posted on the blog.

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