Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kit review vol.15: 1/24 scale resin aircraft wheels

1/24 scale wheels for BF109G-6, A6m Zero, and P51 Mustang
Contact Resine
US$ 10,00
Resin casting. Subjects are represent as weighted and unweighted wheels. 
These are nice releases from Contact Resine. In my opinion, a plastic modeler should work with plastic. I don´t like vinil tires because i think they are unrealistic and, with time, they destroy the plastic parts. Resin sets for 1/32 and 1/48 scale are easy to find. However, 1/24 scale are hard to get. These are french made and i found them thanks to Largescale plane forum. Thank you guys! You can get them at with a great service and inexpensive shiping charges.

BF109G-6 Weighted wheels:

P51D Weighted (right) and unweighted (left) wheels:

A6M Zero weighted wheels:

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