Monday, December 22, 2014

Classic kits vol.1: Revell's "S" kit Lockheed X-17 re-entry research missile

Subject: Revell's "S" kit Lockheed X-17 re-entry research missile
Scale: 1/40
Description: 1957 release, plastic injected with raised panel lines and water slide decals.
Price: US$ 90.00 to 180.00 depending on the condition of the kit.
Comments: This is a new series on my blog. I would say it is about model archaeology. I will post some pictures of my classic models. Most are in the box, but not for a long time as i intend to build them as soon as they are posted here. I started with one of my favorites. The Lockheed X17 was an experimental missile designed to study high velocity reentry materials and configurations for space vehicles. Revell released this kit in 1957 with the code H-1810. I could not find any other release of this kit after that, something that makes it a rare model with a expensive price tag. Inside the box you got the missile  and a launching base, along a scope and three figures to build a display with the rocket. You also find some waterslide decals to complete the model in one of the several painting schemes used during it's operational carrier. I don't know the reason it has never been re-released. It is a fantastic model with great detail overall and a very interesting subject.

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