Friday, June 5, 2015

Boats vol.16: USS New Jersey BB62

USS New Jersey BB62
Price(February 2015):
Out-of-the box construction.
None other then provided by Revell
I guess every modeler should try to build a battleship at least once. This models are the elite of plastic modeling and probably the best example were after market items really make all the difference. I have a few battleships stored at home waiting for construction. However, i do invest more money on kits then on photo etched parts and other after market items. 
Recently, i found a special edition of Revell's USS New Jersey. I already had this kit once and did not build it because it looked like a big toy more then a scale model. Lots of poor molded parts, largely overdone details and poor fit made me decide to leave it in my basement waiting for further change of mind. But this time things were different. Revell placed inside the box two big sets of photo etched parts, natural wood deck and metal gun barrels for the main and secondary batteries. These are everything you would like to get to build a 1/350 battleship kit. So i got my second modern New Jersey!
I must confess: the plastic parts were still the same poor molded out of scale that i had in my collection. But with the extras added by Revell, you got perhaps the best Iowa class battleship out of the box that you can get in the market today. The photo etched parts were incredible!The wood deck parts were also fantastic and have nearly perfect fit with the kit. The gun barrels replace the poor molded ones that you find in the kit and add a lot more of realism to the final project. It took me  for months of work, including every weekend and some week days, to get my New Jersey ready. I think i have never expended so much paint and super glue on a model. I lost count on the number of parts, but each of the main batteries were made of 27 plastic and photo etched items, against  the 13 used in the original all plastic release.
I hope you like it. I sure do!
I have a review of the kit following the link bellow: 
Also, i have a walkaround series of pictures on the Missouri that i made while on vacation at Hawaii. To see the pictures, follow this link: 

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