Friday, July 17, 2015

Military figures vol.13: "The Ace" U.S. Air Force Vietnam

"The Ace" U.S. Air Force Vietnam
Verlinden Productions
Price(April 2015)
US$30,00 plus shipping
Out of the box 
Resin base and scratch build runway segment
I have always liked these resin short run kits. They show how creative the manufacturers are. You would probably never see such a figure combinations like this from a major plastic kit company. Fit of the parts is really good and the casting is almost perfect. Most of the construction time was expended  in painting all the details. Once ready, the set looks really nice, even for a modeler not used to build figures. The pilot looks like Colonel Robin Olds, the famous american fighter pilot. It would look really nice standing next to a Tamiya F-4C Phamtom.

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