Friday, September 30, 2016

Techniques vol.4: weathering with hair spray

                       This is an easy and useful weathering technique.If you want a paint peeling effect on your kit, maybe this will help you. I work with acrylics, but probably this makes no difference.

First you do the base color that will show trough the peeling effect of the technique. I found important to seal the base with a good gloss coat. I like future floor polisher.

Next you need to get a can of hair spray. Buy your own and don't still your wife's one!

Get a good coat of the hair spray over the part you want to weather. I was going to show the wood through the paint on the skid of a piloted V1 flying bomb.

Next a i added the color the is peeling from the subject. In this case a dark grey color.

Next take a brush, dip into warm water and star gently rubbing the paint from the kit part.

Remember to stop just before you thing that you are done. If you think you need, then you can do a little more. If you overdo, you will have to re-start.

Another coat of future will prevent further weathering and protect your work.

A final coat of your favorite mat coat will do the deal. I like Humbrol mat coat.

Bellow i have a few other examples with some color variation two show that it works with several different subjects. I hope you enjoyed it!

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