Thursday, October 3, 2019

Work in progress vol.29: Fokker DVIII

Fokker DVIII
US$ 20,00 plus shipping
Injected plastic model with waterslide decals and photoetched metal parts
This is Eduard's old 1/48 scale Fokker DVIII. Since the release of this kit back in 1994, another one has been made by Eduard with far superior plastic parts. As i had this model for such a long time, i decided to build it anyway. It gave some experience with photoetched parts and the fuselage and wing decals. Fit, as you may imagine, is not that good, but the metal parts are fantastic. There are several options for markings, the decals are very well done and survived over 20 years of storage.  Bellow you see the kit's parts, instructions and decals. There are several pictures of the construction. I will display the finished model soon right here. Stay tuned!

The wing of the Fokker D8 is made of wood and not covered with fabric. I decided to represent wood effect under the camouflage. I started the process by painting the wing with several shades of light brown and sand.

Next i applied oil paint all over the wing.

Next, with a wide brush damped with mineral spirits, i made the wood effect by brushing from one side to the other of the wing removing the excess of oil paint.

The cockpit floor under construction. All parts are photoetched.

The machine guns also with photoetched parts

The finished cockpit.

The landing gear with camouflage

The closed fuselage with the decals for camouflage

The kit is almost finished. Some details are on the way.

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