Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Civil aircraft vol.1: Orlican VSO-10B Gradient glider


Orlican VSO-10B Gradient
US$25,00 plus shipping
Out-of-the box construction; 
This is my Orlican VSO10B Gradient glider. It is a pretty little kit. There are not too many parts, fit is ok, with the usual problems seen on short run models. The plastic is too soft and reacts a lot with cement, so be careful. Decals were well printed but very fragile. There is no need to solvents as they conform very well to the surface. There are markings for four aircraft. I decided to go with the only colorful one. To display the finished kit, i built a small base and used static grass and a pilot from an Airfix set to give some perspective on the size of the plane. I hope you like it. It's been a while since my last post. There is more coming soon!

Color instructions and decal placement. 

Instructions manual.

The sprue from the front side...

And from the back side.

Transparencies are ok, but there is not too much inside of the cockpit to see.

The nice decal sheet.

Some pictures of the real thing, courtesy of the internet.

Major parts assembled.

Size comparison to a Grumman F4F also in 1/72 sacle.

The finished kit!