Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kit review vol.1: AA/AT bunker

Subject: AA/AT bunker
Manufacturer: Italeri
Comments: This is one of  Italeri´s kits for war players. It is made of 24 injected parts in the traditional grey colored plastic from the italian manufacturer. In the box you get 2 large sprues with the major assembling parts for the bunker and some small details. There are no guns inside the box, so you will need to get them as a separete kit  in order to complete the scene.

I performed a dry-fiting test of the major parts to see how they get togheter and found no problems. Surface detail is Ok for the scale, but you will have to do some work inside because you will be able to see  it by the large porthole of the anti-tank gun. Here you see the photos of the test:

Conclusion: This is a nice kit to use as a base for a world war 2 scene. With the guns in place and some basic diorama tecnics it will look really good. I recommend it!

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