Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kit review vol.8: Bristol Bloodhound

Bristol Bloodhound
1/72 (76?)
US$ 15,00
Out-of-the box
Optional display in launching platform or in transport configuration with a Land Rover truck
Missile: Suggested colors would be XF58 Olive green for the missile body and wings; nose cone XF1 Black; ramjets painted with Aluminium with intakes in black or orange; auxiliary rockets in olive green or black; launching station in olive green. Below you have two examples of painting schemes. Also refer to aircraft walkaround vol.24: Bristol Bloodhound SAM.

The sprues:

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  1. This model is of a Bloodhound Mk 1. The Missile was never painted green in operational service EVER!!! RAF operational round were all over white including the engines. Ramjet intake cone was silver. Boost motor nozzles were a metallic reddish brown. There was a thin red band on each the boost motors just behind the forward attachment points and a black cross that ran along the center of the wing from the root to just behind the tip and mid span on bothe the upper and lower surfaces. Radome was either a light tan or gloss black with a silver tip.