Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Work in progress vol.12: Nakajima Ki27: READY

Nakajima Ki27 Type 97 64th Flight Regiment
US$ 80,00
Injection molded, with waterslide decals for the 64th Flight Regiment . Special release with resin figure of Japanese fighter pilot as bonus.
This is a rebox of this old mold with new decals for the 64th Flight Regiment and a  special bonus resin figure of a Japanese pilot. Overall the kit is very nice with recessed panel lines and rivets. A large sheet of decals for 4 different aircraft is supplied and they are in perfect color and register. Fit is very good, with no filler needed during construction. Painting was done with Tamyia acrylics as usual.

The sprues:

Colors and markings:


Bonus Figure:

Construction pictures:

The major parts of the airframe glued:

I decided to paint most of the markings as they look too complex to apply as decals. So a used tamiya yellow for the wings and fuselage. I also painted with tamiya acrylics the small white fuselage band. Then, i masked with tamiya tape and painted the airframe IJN Grey also from Tamiya. After that i maked the grey around the large fuselage band and wings and added the small white detail. Once this was done, all the panel lines were highlighted with a 0,3mm pencil.Everything was sealed with future for the decal application. 

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