Saturday, November 29, 2014

Work in progress vol.15: Fokker DXXI READY!

Fokker DXXI
Special Hobby
Limited run injection molded kit with resin and photo-etched details. Waterslide decals
I always enjoyed the design of this little plane. Special Hobby captured the beautiful lines of Fokker´s monoplane and made a nice kit. Fit is like almost all limited run kits, but overall detail is impressive. The tubular structure of the interior is well represented. Panel lines were al recessed and the fabric texture of the rear airframe and tail is well done. The little engine is a kit by itself. Below  you will see some pictures of the construction as well as the sprues, photo-etched and resin parts.

Construction of the tail with some weathering effects:

The engine ready to go to the kit:

The interior structure and details:

Fuselage and wings matted and ready for some serious sanding:

Sanding is done. You can see the gaps  at the wings and the fuselage:

Now to the painting. I used tamiya's Khaki Drab  for the upper fuselage and XF19 grey for the undersides. The cowling ring was done with alclad II. XF3 yellow was used on the fuselage band. The decals performed nicely over a coat of future. Some parts of the fuselage, specially the fabric covered ones were painted with lighter tone of khaki drab to get some weathering variation. 

And here is the final product!

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