Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Work in progress vol.16: Fokker S11 Instructor (READY)

Fokker S11 Instructor
Injection molded kit. Waterslide decals
Are you up for a challenge? This is Smer's 1/40 scale Fokker S11 Instructor. It is an old kit. I don't know if the molds were originally from Smer, but they look old. There is a lot of flesh among the parts. And there are rivets! Lots of rivets! Inside the cockpit you have no detail at all. Fit is poor but the overall shape of the plane is there to be seen! Brazilian Air Force used about one hundred of these planes from the late 50's to the 70's and that's why i decided to build one for my collection. I will post the kit's progress here as i try to finish it. Let's see what i can do...

1) The sprues:

2) References: I found two publications with pictures of the Fokker S11 in Brazilian Air Force colors.  The magazine Aero is no longer published, but i remember it from my youth as it was my major source of modeling information.

3) Scribing: First i got to remove all the rivets. I decided to scribe all the panel lines, leaving the kit's texture just on the fabric covered areas.

4) The cockpit: some scratch work will be needed.

5) Dry fitting:

6) Construction:

Some scratch built details:

Painted and closed cockpit:

All scratch built parts are placed in the cockpit:

The canopy received a coat of Future:

The canopy placed on the fuselage. Several adjustments had to be made to get a proper fit:

The windows masked with Tamiya tape:

The canopy frames were painted in the same interior green color as the cockpit

The wings painted in international orange and weathered:

The painted wings were protected with masking tape and paper for the primer application on the fuselage:

The painted fuselage with anti glare panel in black. Brazilian Air Force Insignia already applied on the wings.

There are no sets of complete markings for this aircraft. So i used some general markings to complete the kit.

And here is the completed model:

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  1. Very fine model work. Congratulations.
    My father worked at this airplane factory in Rio de Janeiro when he arrived from Holland in 1954.
    And he bought me this same kit from Atma in the beginning of the 60's.
    Nice memories.
    Eric Selder


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