Friday, August 18, 2017

Work in progress vol.22: Ardennes street (READY!)

Ardennes street
Limited run injection molded kit with vacuum formed parts. No decals
I always saw diorama building as one of the most challenging parts of plastic modeling.  The capacity of taking a mental image and turning it into a 3-d scenario was a long way ahead of my skills.
A few years ago a learned about this Miniart kits for diorama building. At first, the idea of working with vacuum formed parts was something that kept me away from this kit as i think that this type of model forms lack detail and are too difficult to work with. Just recently a model company started to import a few of these kits to Brazil. As the price became more attractive, i decided to give a chance to these kits. I was not disappointed!
I build it at first as an out-of-the-box project, just to see what i could get. It was a nice project, but of course not very realistic. Then recently i decide to add some ruble around the ruined house and improve the grass and other minor details of the kit. Here you can see how the two projects ended. 

Adding vegetation to the scene:

Now, some figures:

And the vehicle:

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