Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Kit review vol.34: North American XB-70A Valkyrie

North American XB-70A Valkyrie
US$90,00 plus shipping
Injected plastic model with waterslide decals.
This is AMT's old XB-70A Valkyrie re-released by Italeri. There are no improvements on the original molds. However, i think that Italeri's plastic is much better then AMT's soft one. Also, the decals are a major leap forward when compared to the original release. The panel lines are mostly raised, and are nicely done. However, i enjoy recessed details. If you have never re-scribed a kit, this one might be a good option for your first job because of the large flat panels of the airframe. Also, get ready for some serious shelf space. XB-70 is a huge plane, even in 1/72 scale. I was planing on getting the recent release of the Valkyrie in 1/48 scale. The price tag changed my mind. Now i am glad i gave up on that idea. Storing it at my home would be a huge challenge. Finally, one interesting thing about the Valkyrie is the huge amount of literature and pictures available. I listed, at the end of this article, two books i got with several interesting information about the plane and many colorful pictures. The XB-70 must have looked awesome and almost impossible to resist the temptation to take several photographs of it!

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