Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Work in progress vol. 27: Ferrari F1 89 early version (UPDATED)

Ferrari F1 89 early version
US$ 50,00 plus shipping
Injected plastic model with waterslide decals and ruber tires
This is Tamiya's 1/20 scale Ferrari F1 89 early version. What a great kit! Detail is fantastic and fit is above standard. With these pictures you will see some captions describing details of the construction.I got bitten by the racing cars and motorcycles bug! Last November i was in São Paulo for the Brazilian GP of Formula 1 for the first time. It is awesome! Then i decided to build some of my F1 cars that have been stored for a long time in my stash. As i didn't have any references on the F1 89, i went to the web to find some nice pictures. What a surprise when i found not only the pictures, but also a Ferrari F1 89 for sale! It is one of the cars driven by Gerhard Berger and the salesman provided several pictures of the car and some nice details of the chassis, engine and cockpit. If you are interested in buying a Ferrari, you can visit the website www.artandrevs.com from where i took the pictures (credits to Art & Revs from Luxemburg).  

The construction:

Here is the upper body cover for the Ferrari. I intend to display the interior of the car, including, engine, radiators and rear suspension with the gearbox.

To do that, i decided to remove the front part of the body frame along a line the actually is present on the real car.

I cut it cllean an preserved both parts, as the front one holds the front wing in place.

Tamiya's red plastic is translucent, as usually are these colored plastic parts. 

I painted the underside of the body frame in matt black. You see how dark it gets compared to the unpainted part.

One interesting thing about this kit is that the great quality of the model allows you to paint the several sub assemblies before gluing the parts. This made construction very easy. The sequence of pictures shows:

A) The body frame

B) The cockpit, front and rear wings and chassis.

C) Engine, radiator and transmission.

D) Front suspension:

E) Rear suspension:

F) Several other small parts:

The engine, transmission and rear suspension ready:

The cockpit and front suspension ready: 

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