Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Books review vol.3: Serie Fuerza Aérea #12: Gloster Meteor

Serie Fuerza Aérea # 12: Gloster meteor
Jorge Félix Núñez Padin
Jorge Félix Núñez Padin
Soft cover, 54 pages, color pictures and aircraft drawings
With the release from HK Models of their Gloster Meteor FMk.4 kit in 1/32 scale, this book got new life in my collection. It covers the development and use by the Argentine Air Force of this nice plane, the first jet fighter of a south american country. HK Models released their kit with decals for the Fuerza Aérea Argentina, so you will get markings for some colorful planes as you can see from the picture bellow. The book brings to you 16 color profiles and several pictures in color and black and white. It has a similar format to Squadron Signal´s "in action" series of books. I got mine in a book store in Buenos Aires, but you can try to get it online visiting the site or perhaps by the e-mail 

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