Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kit review vol.12: U-Boot typ IX

U-boot typ IX
US$ 200,00 with post
Injection molded in grey plastic. Lots of raised and recessed details. Four pieces hull with fantastic detail. Markings for one boat (U-505).
This is another great release on the ever growing series of 1/72 scale submarines, specially from world war 2. Revell´s kit has lots of details. The hull now came in four pieces instead of the two we saw on the type 7 u-boat. This is a much larger submarine and the kit measures 106cm! Revell choose to model U-505, a late type IX, that was capture by the Americans. You will find instructions to build it as it was before or after the american capture. Now, with the type II and XXIII from Special Navy, the Gato, type VII and Type IX from Revell, all i need is someone releasing a type XXI and my collection will be finished! 

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