Friday, March 14, 2014

Kit review vol.11: Geman Aces of the First World War 1/16

German Aces of World War I: Ernst Udet, Herman Goering and Manfred Von Richthofen.
US$ 20,00
Injection molded in dark grey plastic. Nice overall detail. Medals and insignia in kits parts. Display base.
Sugested paint colors
Miniart is tanking the lead in 1/16 scale modeling. After several kits of roman, medieval and Napoleon era warriors, know this manufacturer has arrived at World War 1 subjects. The models were nice and simple. The three subjects were very similar, but the pose and uniform subtle differences turns them into a nice set for any collection. The instructions were in color and came with a brief text about the pilot. Now lets hope for some RFC and french aces, before arriving in World War 2!

Sprues for Ernst Udet figure:

Sprues of the Herman Goering figure

Sprues of the Manfred Von Richthofen Figure

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