Sunday, January 31, 2016

Military aircraft vol.76: Bell X1

Bell X1 with Dodoge WC51 3/4 ton truck
Bell X1 from Hobbycraft and WC 51 from Italeri
Bell X1: US$12,00 + WC51 US$12,50
Out-of-the box construction.
I decided to build these two kits together after seeing a small film of the X1 program were a scene with the plane being towed by the WC51 caught my attention. It showed how simple things were at that time, with no specialized equipment or any other high tech stuff around. So i got one kit of the X1 that i have stored for some time and a Dodge WC 51 truck from Italeri wich i think is really from Esci and buil this small diorama. A simple base with a picture frame and plasticard scribed was used to show a small portion of the airfield. Evergreen rod was used for the tow bar and a airfield figure was placed to complete the scene. Everything was painted with Tamiya acrylics. The Bell X1 decals are from the Tamiya kit, witch are way better than the Hobbycraft ones. I hope you like it! -b.html

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