Sunday, May 1, 2016

Military aircraft vol.77: General Dynamics F-16A Venezuelan Air Force

General Dynamics F16A Fighting Falcon
US$ 30,00
Injected plastic model with  waterslide decals.
This is Italeri's 1/72 scale F16A Fighting Falcon with a "super decals sheet". You got several possible variants of the F16, but certainly the nicest are the ones with the tail art from Netherlands and Venezuela Air Forces. The kit has also two options included: the single or the two seats versions. The panel lines are recessed and detail is ok. There is no option to leave the canopy open, but the cockpit has almost no extra details except for the ejection seat. I chose the Venezuelan version because of the unusual camouflage for an F16. Fit of the parts is ok, but there are some issues. The intake ends is a flat panel less then one centimeter deep. Also the shape of the wing to fuselage joint is not exactly correct. I have to build a F.O.D. cover to solve the intake issue. Decals performed very well with some setting solution. There was some silvering at the FAV letters over the dark green camouflage that i have to work with a brush and patience.
This kit is the first of a new series i am building: artwork at military aircraft in 1/72 scale. This was a nice start!


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