Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Work in progress vol.18: Gloster Meteor FR.9

Gloster Meteor FR.9
Classic Airframes
Price(march 2016):
Out-of-the box construction.
I might be crazy as Airfix is planing to release a brand new state of the art Gloster Meteor F8 in the next few weeks and it would be very simple to build a FR.9 from this kit just using the nose from the classic airframe's kit, but i have to give it a try. I already have the model, it was expensive and i also have all the other meteors released by this manufacturer. I decided to star by the FR.9 because i like this version and, from all others i have, this is the less important from a historical perspective.
As suggested by the manufacturer, dry fitting is the key to get a good result from this kit. So i started by removing the parts from the sprues and cleaning them up..The nose section needed some surgery as the basic molds are for a F8 version. The resin cockpit looks great and some paint work is all that is necessary to get all the details to show up. From the beginning i gave up the suggested sequence of construction that was on the instructions. As all parts need some work, i went with several simultaneous sub assemblies.

a) Decals for markings and stencils.
b) Clear parts: two different types of canopies and the FR.9 nose section.
c) The basic sprues common to the FR.9 and F8 kits.

d) Resin parts.
e) Instructions and the version i decided to build.

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