Saturday, May 7, 2016

Soldier Bust vol.5: Kamikaze

Legend productions
US$30,00+ shipping
Resin cast. No decals
This is  Legend's 1/9 kamikase bust. The quality of the casting is fantastic, with no air bubbles. Details are very nice and not affected by the resin molding blocks. Bellow you can see the parts you get in the box. They came in a sealed bag with bubble plastic for protection. My sample came with the jacket collar broken in several small pieces. The part is very fragile. I saw a review on the web of the same kit where the modeler removed this detail. I decided o fix the bust using some epoxy putty. Not an easy task, but it worked fine in the end. Painting was done with several different brands of acrylic paints. A coat of future followed by another one of Humbrol's matt coat finalized the job.

1) Kit parts

2) Painting the face: First some grey primer.

2) Shadows and highlights with skin tone colors

3) Blending with tamiya skin tone applied with the airbrush.

4) More highlight colors to increase detail.

5) Face details painted

6) Future  coat for protection. Tamiya smoke  to increase the shadows

7) Matt coat for the final skin effect.

8) The leather helmet painted. The head is ready.

9) The completed kit:

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